WIKA Beton’s Finance Director Received The Most Strategic CFO 2019 Award

PT Wijaya Karya Beton Tbk. (WIKA Beton) gained appreciation from its performance and commitment in building the nation. WIKA Beton’s Finance Director Mohammad Syafii gained the title as The Most Strategic CFO (Chief Financial Officer) from Bisnis Indonesia CFO BUMN Award 2019, Tuesday, 26 March 2019 in Jakarta. During the affair, WIKA Beton remains as the only SOE Subsidiary that received CFO award.
WIKA Beton is acknowledged for its ability implement the best strategy and accurate prediction to anticipate distraction the whole year. CFO’s ability to support the company’s strategy and business operational is highly compulsory. The focus is to direct the company to increase its cost efficiency and to go after advantages and ensure the company’s operational keeps on running.
“We dedicate this award for all our working partners in Finance Department in particular and WIKA Beton’s millennial’s generation in general. We hope this will be an inspiration and igniters for your working spirit,” Syafii stated during his acceptance speech.
The judges for this award came from the editorial panel of Bisnis Indonesia, which aims to support changes in companies for the betterment in facing the uncertain economic challenges.


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