WIKA Beton Participates in the Development of Railroad Transportation in the Philippines

 PT Wijaya Karya Beton Tbk. (WIKA Beton) is establishing communication and business relations with the Philippines National Railroad (PNR) together with PT INKA (Persero) and PT Pindad (Persero) to synergistically work on the development of railroad transportation in the Philippines.

This cooperation was marked by the initial shipment of the Railroad Bearing (BJR) product from the Majalengka Concrete Product Factory (PPB) to the Philippines on January 27, 2019 to subsequently pass the trajectory test process by the project owner, namely PNR. This business relationship continues on an industrial visit to PPB Bogor in the WIKA Industrial Area by Lau Ta as the Head of Legal and Head of Corporate Planning PNR and Dadik Pranata Tirta as Vice President of Marketing of PT INKA (Persero), welcomed by WIKA Beton`s Marketing Director Kuntjara on Saturday, May 4, 2019.

Lau Ta said he was happy to see directly the production facilities that WIKA Beton had and hoped to immediately follow up through the next concrete steps in the development of railroad-based transportation in the Philippines.

Based on its track record in the railroad sector, WIKA Beton is the first BJR producer in Indonesia. Since 1984, WIKA Beton has been producing BJR products that pass the test track and continue to be trusted to be a BJR producer for various railroad projects in Indonesia.

Besides that, WIKA Beton innovation continued to produce BJR for Turn Out (Wessel) in 2007, then launched the Precast Track Slab Railroad Panel in 2016 and became the EPC (Engineering, Production and Construction) Company for the scope of Trackwork in the Light Rail Transit Project (LRT) Jakarta in 2017.

Based on its performance record on the project, WIKA Beton has experience working on Railroad projects including the Kualanamu-Medan Railroad Flyover Project, Jakarta`s Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) and Jakarta`s Light Rail Transit (LRT).

The collaboration of WIKA Beton with PNR is in line with WIKA Beton`s target to dominate the Railroad market in the international arena and is one of the manifestations of WIKA Beton`s vision to become a leading company in the Engineering, Production, Installation (EPI) Concrete Industry sector in Southeast Asia.

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