Ijo Tunnel, Kebumen

WIKA Beton supplied ballastless track type railway sleepers for Ijo Tunnel project with a length of 581 meters and a diameter of 9 meters.

Ijo Tunnel is a part of the Java II Southern Cross Railroad Double Track Development Project located in Kebumen, Central Java. The tunnel that passes through the chalk cliffs of Mount Malang is one of the longest active train tunnels in Indonesia.

This ballastless track type railway sleepers has several advantages, they are:
  • Anti-vibration system on the fastening function to reduce vibrations that occur when the train passes, so the train remains comfortable when crossing the tunnel.
  • The use of conventional ballasts using aggregates (gravel) can be replaced with a more stable concrete slab, so that the cost of maintaining the lower structure can be reduced.
The product was produced in October - November 2019 and has passed the Feasibility Test (Static Test and Bearing Dynamic Test) in April 2020.